Our own Publications, and what others have to say.

We love when people are staying at Hotel Alexandra, and most of the time people love staying. And once in a while people like it so much they feel the need to write a little about their experience.
Here you will find a small collection of words about us, and a collection of writings about Danish Architects and Designers from our archives. Enjoy!

Hotel Alexandra flower "..opening of the Jens Risom room at the Hotel Alexandra, in what perhaps is Copenhagen’s cosiest (or as we say in Danish, hyggelig) place to stay.."
Hotel Alexandra flower "..I wanted every space to pay tribute to some of our brightest design minds.."
Known as the father of modern Danish furniture design. Read more in our publications
Hotel Alexandra flower "..Hotel Alexandra will transport you back to the days when girls wore hip new PVC and polyester miniskirts and listened to the Beatles and Bob Dylan on transistor radios.."
A student of Kaare Klint at the Royal Academy's Furniture School
Hotel Alexandra flower "..retro-inspired boutique hotel showcase mid-century designs by the likes of Ole Wancher, kaare kli.."
Hotel Alexandra flower " much so that a few nights there almost negate the need to visit the Design Museum.."
Hotel Alexandra flower "..but a new interest in Nordic design is attracting fans and followers from across the world. At Hotel Alexandra, near Tivoli Gardens and Town Hall..."
Read about some of our favorite designers, like Finn juhl.
Hotel Alexandra flower "..inscrit son style dans l'après-guerre, âge d'or du design scandinave.."
Come see what all the fuzz is about.
Hotel Alexandra flower "..Decorated to mimic the home of “a design loving Dane” from the 50's and 60's.."
Hotel Alexandra flower " essentially a tribute to the best of Danish design.."