– 100 reasons to visit Denmark

We love our city Copenhagen. There are so many things to do and enjoy and Hotel Alexandra is placed in the middle of all the fun. We believe Copenhagen to be a magnificent city in a small package. We use and enjoy the city ourselves. And this is just Copenhagen. There is a whole Denmark to discover out there. And for the adventurous we recommend Denmark100., released today is a website offering guidance in where to get unique experiences in Denmark.
Anything from the beautiful nature and landscapes of this country to museums showing our intriguing history and all the good dinning places in Denmark. There is even suggestion on what to do on a rainy Monday. All with details about how to get there and how much to spend, and also in which of weather/season you will enjoy the most!
The website is made by a Dane who is also is in love with the beauty of Denmark. He has picked out magnificent and unusual places to see and feel in Denmark. He is an experienced traveller. And he has been around in every small part of Denmark. With this website it is possible to see Denmark from the eyes of a Dane weather you want to meet the locals or see the tourist sites.
We like indeed that it is a non-commercial site, free from advertisements and who pays most.

Did you know …:

  • that you can fly to the Island of Ærø and city of Svendborg with Sterling Air?
  • that you can go horseback riding on Icelandic horses on the Island of Læsø?
  • that in the city of Vejle you can visit 1800 square metres of granite caves with Thermal baths?
  • that you can stay in Villa Clara, a residential apartment with terrace in Frederiksberg?
  • that you can stand on water skis pulled by cables at Hvide Sande?
  • that there is a restaurant “Sylten” set in the protected beach moors of Dragør?
  • that you can drive the whole of the west coast from Germany to the most northern point of Europe?

Visit and enjoy the beautiful living of Denmark
(Maia Albrechtsen, Marketing Economist intern)


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