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Through BØRNEfonden we are supporting two seven-year-old West-African children in Burkina Faso, which is one of the absolute poorest countries in the world. We have decided this year to give this support instead of Christmas-gifts to our customers and employees. BØRNEfonden which has for a long time been endeavouring to improve children’s conditions in the Third World through sponsorships.

About Yobi and Mouniratou
The boy Yobi and the girl Mouniratou were both born in 1997. Both children’s families are engaged in agriculture, where it is a necessity that children also work at en early age. School costs money, but money is not something that the two families have much of. With our customers and ours support, both children will get an opportunity to learn to read and write.

This support does not only ensure Yobi and Mouniratou an education, it also supports health and development activities in the entire local community.

Do you wish to learn more about what BØRNEfonden does for helping pure children then click in on bornefonden.dk

Letter from Mouniratou Segda

It is an immense pleasure for me to thank you sincerely and tell you my sincere gratefulness for your generous act towards me. Indeee I have received the amount of 100 DKK correspondig to 8,760 CFA francs. This enabled me to buy the following items to celebrate my birthday:

  • 1 dress : 2000 CFA francs
  • 1 outfit : 800
  • 1 pair of shoes : 700
  • 1 plastic bucket : 1,250
  • 3 cakes of soap : 750
  • 1 couscous plate : 750
  • 1 mat : 2500
  • sweets : 10

Total: 8,760 CFA francs

Every body is fine in my family. We wish the same to you. Goodbye and hope to hear from you soon.

From Mouniratou Segda

Written by Landry Baguira

Tr.: MZ

Letter from Yobi Bangre

I am writing you to make you abreast of my news and hear from you. I have received your birthday present. I was happy and my family was also happy. May God bring you health. I am in grade. Right now (June), we are in the rainy season.
100 DKK correspond to 7,775 CFA francs. I got the following items from this amount:

  • 1 mat : 2500 CFA francs
  • 1 set of plates : 1,750
  • 2 outfits : 3,000
  • 1 pair of shoes : 1,000
  • 2 cales of soap : 500
  • sweets : 05

Total: 8,755 CFA francs

This amount of money really served me and I am proud. Thank you very much.

Yours friendly,
Yobi Bangré

tr.: MZ


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