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In the 1920’s, a handful of visionary pioneers renewed the Danish furniture tradition by continuing the useful elements from the past and by further developing function and comfort to such a degree that it resounded abroad, resulting in the success which made Denmark a leading furniture production country. We wrote about some off our favorites and some off our thoughts here, enjoy!

Hotel Alexandra flower "..Finn Juhl quickly became internationally known and was in his age so internationalyy well-known that we Danes did not need to know him! .."
Hotel Alexandra flower "..he was inspired to design the Egg and the Swan due to the possibilities that the development of styropor plastic introduced.."
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Arne Jacobsen

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Hotel Alexandra flower "..have played to realize the vision of everyday furniture, which could fulfill a Danish family’s needs."
Hotel Alexandra flower "..and so becoming a member of an influential international network, she had begun her career.."
Hotel Alexandra flower "He created interior environments with furniture forms and luminous colour..."
Hotel Alexandra flower "..Has recieved more than 24 prizes for furniture. Has had exhibitions numorous places worldwide and is represented in a great number of museums the world over.."
Hotel Alexandra flower "Kaare Klint was a self-taught furniture designer, but began to work with Professor Carl Petersen, who built Fåborg Museum..."
Hotel Alexandra flower "..that his furniture could just as well have been designed 200 years ago as yesterday.."
Hotel Alexandra flower "..there is a special feature of simplicity and humanism in her beautifully shaped furniture."