The Royal Cafe and The Danish Museum of Art and Design

Last Friday, I took the staff on a tour to learn more about the history of Danish Design.

Our first stop, where we should have something to to eat and a drink, was “THE ROYAL CAFÉ” at Amagertorv no. 6, next to “Royal Copenhagen” and “Georg Jensen”. We were all very excited about the decoration, and the atmosphere.It is easy to see that THE ROYAL CAFÉ, is also a big fan of Danish Design, just like us. With their unique cooperation with Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen, all tableware and table accesories, was specially selected from one of these companies – But even the paintings on the wall, had the most famous tableware from Royal Copenhagen on it.

The Restaurant manager and owner; Lo Østergaard, told us about the place and the speciality “smushies”. Lo Østergaard has always been a big fan of the danish speciality: “Smørrebrød”. (Various kinds of dark bread with layers of different meat / fish and garnish) Her only  problem with her favourite dish, was that she could only eat one piece, and so she was satisfied. When Lo and her husband, started THE ROYAL CAFÉ, they wanted to solve that problem, so everyone could be allowed to taste several different types of “Smørrebrød”. They adopted the idea from the japanese sushi, and made small pieces of “smørrebrød” structured with the idea of sushi into what they call: “Smushies”. We all agreed, that these smushies are made with the originally love to “smørrebrød” –  We can only give our strongest recommendation to visit the café, the place is fantastic! Learn more; visit The Royal Café’s website.

After a taste of Denmark, we went further to The Danish Museum of Art and Design, where yet another amazing  experience awaited us – The history of Danish furniture Design!! We had a guided tour, and this can strongly be recommended. We were all very impressed with our guide’s “Christian” knowledge and the way the story was told to us. The Danish Museum of Art and Design brings together and documents the contemporary developments within the industrial design. Here you can find the history of all the famous furniture architects: Hans J. Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Kaare Klint, Grethe Jalk etc. etc. If you are interested in Danish Design, or just want to learn more about the history of the furnitures you saw at Hotel Alexandra, you must pay a visit to The Danish Museum of Art and Design.
Learn more: visit The Danish Museum of Art and Design’s website

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